May.02 2014
Okay, what's the deal with FOX Network?

They again and again seem to shut down what seems to be very good series.
Why are they doing this ???

The best example is Firefly (1) (2).

And most recently, I got wind of Almost Human.
A series that is so far looking to be very interesting to me.
Futuristic elements all in the genre of cyberpunk, that I've grown VERY fond of.
And of course, after reading a bit about the series...
It is ALSO cancelled...

To me, it seems like FOX is doing this intentionally.

It looks like the series all have really good casts, good or very good story lines and appeal highly to me among many others..

What's the deal ???

Mar.31 2014
I miss my old friends from Třnsberg...


Mar.30 2014
Argh.. well, I didn't mention that about a month ago, the back-light on my laptop started flickering something nasty, so I ordered a new inverter board, shortly after ordering the board, the back-light dies on me...
so, the machine itself is fine, just can't see anything on the LCD without holding a flashlight to it :S
Sooo... I got the new inverter board a week or two later,and the install was pretty painless.
Well... here is where the shit hit's the fan.
I assemble the machine again and boot up.
Right off the bat, the display is glitching, not the back-light, but the screen itself..
It settled down after a little while, but it's not supposed to happen to begin with :(
well, the rest of the day, the thing works more or less OK, glitching when ever I open up the lid.
The day after, it starts glitching something awfully and suddenly the light starts fading out from the upper left corner to the right lower corner..
Fucking peace of shit Chines knockoff crap!!!!

I gave up for a few weeks and just left it.

About a week or two ago now, i remembered some article on Hackaday about someone modifying a LCD screen (laptop or desktop screen, I don't know) by removing the Cold cathode light source and putting in some very bright LED lights instead.

So I ordered a few LED strips that were pretty bright, and in case they are not strong enough, I've got 1W LED's lying around that I might be able to use id I can find some way of cooling them down :S
1W on a metal plate the size of about 6-7mm in diameter is quite a lot of heat :S

But then again, they give off a LOT of light :D

Anyway, we'll see how it goes when the LED's arrive :D

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