Sep.15 2014
Hm.. Been home in Norway now for 2 weeks now, found that I missed a lot of things.
Something as simple as a slice of Norwegian bread with Norwegian butter, Norwegian peanut-butter and Norwegian strawberry jam on top.. good god it was goooooood :D

Got the 3 packages I sent from Ireland containing most of the stuff I accumulated while in Ireland in the mail last week... badly battered in the mail..
I could see that somewhere the packages had been handled very badly..
Try to avoid using local mail to send things from one country to another.. some of the workers are just ass-holes, just like some baggage handlers, you can find some horror scenarios of them throwing peoples baggage around at the airport.

Well, I'm home, I've been jumped on by my mom's spastic dog :P
And I managed to get a small setup going in the basement.
I had gotten a old colleagues pc for free before he left too go back to Norway.
It was a pretty old machine, but it is still holding up pretty well.
All it's guts were sent in the mail so I could use it here.
It isn't that greater for gaming, but it does pack a punch.
I'm hoping to manage to save up for a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti OC that seems to be highly regarded as a budget GPU.
Just need the cash first :P


See you folks later on.

- Marco

Aug.27 2014
Eeeeee, only a few days left and I'm going home!!!

It's not been all bad here, the thing is that I've ended up feeling very alone.
When I started here almost 2 years ago, there were people I got to know pretty well.
The thing is that they left one after another and new people came instead.
This is how it's been the whole time.
New people starting here and quitting, so I end up with a lot of acquaintances and no people i call friends..

Hence, I'm really looking forward to getting back to my old friends.

Aug.11 2014

So, I'm moving back to Norway again.
It's been almost 2 years now and I've only been back to Norway once last Christmas..
I'm really looking forward too it!!
I'll be crashing with my parents until I find a new job and with any luck, that won't take long.
I do have a few job applications out, but I probably need to put out more.
It's going to be very nice to get back to Norway again and meet all my old friends from Třnsberg.

- Marco

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